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Cast Drawing with Andrew Harris

Tuesday through Friday July 2nd to 5th, 2024

9:00am to 1:00pm

materials not included



In this workshop, students learn how to create a finalized block-in drawing, and are introduced to form modelling. Form modelling is a term which speaks to how artists light flows upon our natural world. One of the biggest questions I faced for so long as an artist - how do you encapsulate a three-dimensional world upon a two-dimensional surface? Or how come my drawings and paintings don’t seem to turn backwards in space? Everything about  begins with form modelling. The strategy is to first break down light and shadow into two different camps. We explore the vastness in the variations of transitions from that movement of light to shadow. In this workshop, students are taught to think less optically and to think instead to ourselves: why is what I am seeing happening, and how does that relate to the light source?


Please bring a small sculpture of still life item (perferably monochromatic). 


Suggested materials:

· Graphite pencils: HB, H, 2H, 4H

· Gray Kneaded eraser

· Pen eraser (Tombow MONO Zero Refillable eraser is recommended)

· Measuring Needle (knitting needle, barbecue skewer or bicycle spoke,     something long, skinny and straight like that which won’t bend)

· Plumb Line (string with a weighted end)

· Paper: Strathmore 400 series medium texture (as opposed to really smooth paper is recommended) 12x16 or 9x12


Email: with any questions

WORKSHOP: Cast Drawing

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