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Portrait Sketch with Andrew Harris 

Tuesday through Friday July 2nd to July 5th, 2024

6:30 to 9:30pm

all materials included

Ages 14+


In the Portrait Sketch workshop, students are given the chance to work on 4 separate portrait drawings. How do you express someone’s character and features unto a 2 dimensional picture plane? I have always felt that intuition plays the biggest role out of all of the fundamentals. Portraiture is something I am excited to continue pursuing and to keep learning for as long as I can create artwork. I think I am at a point in my artistic journey I can confidently say all the questions of portraiture will never be completely answered, but despite this endless pursuit, I feel as though there have been some key aspects to a portrait sketch that could be beneficial to some. In this class, we will cover analyses of structural anatomies, focusing on skeletal landmarks and skull shape, perspective, and carefully arranged marks to indicate tilts and feature placements. Student works towards finalizing a completed portrait sketch drawing for each day.


Suggested materials:

· Graphite pencils: HB, H, 2H, 4H

· Gray Kneaded eraser

· Pen eraser (Tombow MONO Zero Refillable eraser is recommended)

· Measuring Needle (knitting needle, barbecue skewer or bicycle spoke,     something long, skinny and straight like that which won’t bend)

· Plumb Line (string with a weighted end)

· Paper: Strathmore 400 series medium texture (as opposed to really smooth paper is recommended) 12x16 or 9x12


Email: with any questions

WORKSHOP: Portrait Sketch

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