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Youth & adult fine art classes & workshops based in east-end Toronto.


Art can be applied to everything we do. Having a base understanding of art allows us to not only think creatively but also to expand upon, conceptualize and articulate  thoughts and opinions freely.

Art holds true as the foundation of expression- the action of making the unknown known. Art as a form of communication allows us to build and advance ourselves and our surroundings.  A strong foundation in the arts enhances our intellectual and emotional ability to communicate with the world.


Mangled Studios welcomes the community to join in an interactive and educational experience open to all forms of expression. Through collaboration with a variety of art practitioners and educators we engage our visitors while welcoming them into a safe space for the arts. 

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“The artist as the organ of the outlandish threatens and soothes at the same time. The threat produces a defence. But since it turns out to be harmless, the spectator begins to laugh at himself about his fear.”

Hugo Ball
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