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6 week course for beginner and intermediate level students


Drawing Fundamentals

Thursdays March 28th to May 2nd, 2024


all materials included


In this six-week course, students will have the opportunity to explore a variety of drawing mediums such as, pencil, charcoal, conte, pastel and ink. From the fundamentals of drawing such as, composition, line, movement, and contrast, students will develop captivating works of art from both life and imagery. 


Lesson-based, followed by a self-directed study with the student’s choice of medium. Assignments will be provided at the direction of the student. 


If you are a returning drawing student, you are welcome to begin your self-directed study at your own leisure or be provided an assignment. 


*Credit will be offered for absences with one-week prior notice. If you are feeling un-well, we will happily reschedule. 

TUES Drawing Fundamentals

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